Covid19 Levels


Due to Covid19 the world has had to adhere to a different way of living and trading. we are no different to the rest.

We at Wensleys Cycles will do our best to continue trading and servicing your beloved bikes, however we may ask you to kindly take a step back away from your bike if you drop it in for a service or remain at the front door to keep within the social distancing rules during these times.

While at Level 3 we may be still operating on small scale our hours are compressed and so is the staff count in-store. please if you are unsure and require assistance feel free to phone on 03-2186206 during our operational hours.

If you require small items such as accessories and or parts we would appreciate the use of this web shop instead of a visit to the store, this will aid in keeping social distancing rules but also help keep the load off the scaled down staffing during these times. if what you require is not on the web store please call the store during operational hours to discuss your needs.


The Wensleys Cycles team thanks you for your understanding during these times.