Doug & his Fatboy

When you say the word cyclist, initially your mind thinks high speed racing around a Velodrome, Tour de France or MTB world cup racer. 

Fact is not all cyclists are racers! 

Doug Hawkins has been a customer of Wensleys Cycles for many years. He has almost turned into a staff member and shares the same passion with a lot of us in the shop have. We have worked with Doug to turn his already cool Fatboy into a one of a kind. 

After discussing with Simon in-store about a cool polished look, A fully painted Fatboy turned into a mirror polished alloy that glistens and reflects just the same way as a freshly chromed bumper on a brand new car does. 

Further talks in-store saw Doug do a full wheel upgrade going to carbon rims and DT Swiss 350 hubs and minor tweak of the hub by adding a 54t ratchet for that awesome noise on freewheeling. 

Tech is always evolving and things are getting faster smoother and a lot cleaner. This is where a chat with Matt in-store got the Fatboy a few electronics. We fitted the Fatboy with wireless shifting technology from Sram. No cables for gearing anymore and sharp precise shifing every time! 

Fact is, if you're not a racer you may as well look bloody good and feel comfy! 

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