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Bike Box & Freight Services

We at Wensleys Cycles pride ourselves on providing service as quickly as possible, however due to the high traffic coming through or doors with the TA tour at this time of year we do have a 10-14 day wait on any repairs or other services. 

In addition to our high work load we have also run out of bike boxes. Unfortunately to build up a stock load of boxes takes quite a bit of time and moving forward we cannot promise we will have one available at the time you arrive.

We will not be holding bike boxes or taking bookings for bike boxes due to lack of bike boxes and also room to store them.

We do however offer a freighting service where we are happy to box and send your bike back home to you wherever in NZ you live. This service will require you to leave your bike instore with us until we have a free timeslot and box available. this could take up to 3 weeks.

Thank you for your understanding on the situation.

Wensleys Cycles team.

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